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My name is Alimo, I love finding inspiration through nature, surfing, snowboarding, and the vibrant world around me.

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About Alimo

Born and raised in Oregon, Alimo finds himself traveling all over the world to find inspiration to paint. His process relies on an obsession with interacting and interpreting the world around him. This process involves daily watercolor paintings and sketches on location to brain dump ideas, to then polishing compositions on both the computer and canvas.

Alimo is best known for his curvy post-pop imagery, highly saturated colors, vibrant hand-drawn letters, and worlds inhabited by figures arranged on flat tonal surfaces. His line-work blends both drawing and design with inspiration from the ocean to the mountains focusing on people interacting with their everyday selves. The art can typically be seen on paintings, prints, NFTs, murals, and merchandise. Alimo gets inspiration from the outdoors, snowboarding, surfing, exploring, photography, hanging with friends, and anything that provokes creativity.

His work can be seen with clients like Patagonia, Portland Trail Blazers, and 10 Barrel Brewing Co. to name a few. Always on the horizon for new clients that fit his environmental and sustainable ethos to create a new imagination for the world to see.

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