Alimo - June Newsletter

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It's been a hot minute since I've been on vacation and wanted to catch everyone up. I just spent 14 days in Indo 🇮🇩🏄‍♂️ for a new project and a reset on life. It was so much fun! Had an incredible time with 8 of my friends and a rad crew that took us around the islands to surf. It took nearly 50 hours of transit to get in the water (rough I know). 100% worth it and still frothing from how much fun it was (minus jetlag).

So much to digest from how inspiring this trip was. Everyday was surf, eat, paint, surf, eat, sleep. It ruled. Pretty far out from any timeline, but something is cooking, and can't wait to share out down the line.
Here’s a few snippets of me surfing. Funny expressions, hand movements, and orange hair. Lol. Improving to the day I die and ear to ear smiles. Funny how often I hold my breath like a chipmunk.

Learned so much from the crew on this trip. The amount of knowledge the captain had on finding waves, reading charts, and really 25 years time spent in these islands spoiled us with good times and waves. Incredibly thankful to have been part of this trip.


Upcoming Residency

While this week has been battling jet lag, I'll be switching gears for an upcoming art residency out in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil June 17th-23rd hosted by a dear collector and friend Madam Selkie. I'm beyond excited to join 17 other artists from around the world to create, share, and learn for a week with new friends. Can't wait! If you are interested in collecting any of these new pieces that I create, please reach out to and can coordinate with you.

New Interview!

A new article was written about me. check it out if you have time! So cool and very thankful. Read here

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