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Hello from the Studio!
Hey friends! Just getting back into the groove of things from my recent trip out to Brazil 🇧🇷. It was an unforgettable experience and missing Rio so much.
The Rio Art Residency was the first official event of the Selkie collection - a week-long artists’ residency in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil out in the bohemian neighbourhood of Santa Teresa. We stayed at this beautiful villa where we painted day and night for a week.
There were 19 artists who are at different stages in their careers creating and learning together, inspired by a new environment and each others’ company. In addition, 3 renowned Brazilian artists joined the residency as day guests and were onboarded to the digital art scene.
I'm still digesting all the amazing things that came from this experience. For me it was the relationships. Everyone had a different set of skills and techniques, but the general outcome was relating with one another, helping each other, and pushing boundaries in our creative practice. I for one learned so much from each and every artists. It's funny b/c I work like a 9-5'er. My brain stops thinking after that set time, but these artists here were living and breathing this until they couldn't stand anymore. We'd eat and instantly they'd move back to their painting. We'd go grab drinks at a bar, and boom, they'd set up lights late night into the evening to start a new project right when we got home. It was so inspiring and loved every moment of it. I think towards the end of the week, around 100 paintings were created by this group. Unreal amounts of creativity here and haven't seen anythnig like this before. Selkie brought together an increidble group of people and can't thank her enough for what she did for us.
My goal of this residency was to explore new techniques while pushing my existing practice. Instead of coming out with many pieces, I focused on one large painting, then created quite a few watercolor sketches to capture Brazil in my perspective. It's sparked so many cool ideas, I need a year there just to bring them to life. It's so rad!
At the end of the week, we hosted a private art show with friends, family, and collectors...and of course Samba. There was a band there where we danced the night away. It ruled so much.
I'm happy to say, a local Brazilian couple resonated with my painting and now a proud collector of this new body of work. I'm so happy and fortunate it's staying in Rio to display in their homes. For me, all my work is based on location, so the fact that my paintings resonate with folks makes me super proud of my work. Thank you so much!
I'll share out the painting in a few weeks as the residency is putting together a catalog, and an online digital token drop that will have everyones artwork together for sale as an NFT. This way you get to collect everyone's piece all in one token as a digital form and help fund the next residency here. The physical pieces from all the other artists will also be available for purchase separately. More details on that soon.
Upcoming NYC Art Show and Drop
As mentioned, the residency is putting together a token drop for collectors as well as bringing art to SoHo, NYC for a group show mid July, which is so rad! There is a lot to prepare for and will share very soon on this. I'm incredibly excited to be flying out for this show (even though my physical work won't be hanging, the digital projection will be).
There will be a website out soon and will share when I get that info from the team.
Physical prints
After the show, I will reproduce the physical painting as fine art prints for purchase. That will likely be towards the end of the month. Be on the lookout for that if you are interested.
Upcoming for July
While I'm juggling this drop. I have a few other larger collections i'm working on, such as the Indonesia series, along with a few smaller editions drops with a few different companies. A few of my paintings are heading to for a show, which i'm stoked on!

I'll also have a new print that will be available soon to check out. On top of that private commission work for homes here in the states.
I'm so thankful for all these opportunities and can't thank you all enough for believing in my work.
Available Paintings
I have a few available paintings on the website to check out here. Reach out if any of you are interested in purchasing.
Lots to juggle, but that is it for now. I'm sure i'm missing something :) Best way to keep up on where I'm at traveling and creating is also InstagramTwitter, or Lens.
Have a wonderful day!

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