Alimo - May Newsletter

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Studio Updates + Vacation
Hey everyone, I wanted to drop a note a share some recent projects, as well as some upcoming vacation time that may affect upcoming orders. Not to fret, the team at the warehouse will be working while I'm gone, but the prints will be shipped when I return. More details below :)
Vacation Time!
I'm heading out to Indonesia for a 2 week surf / reset / inspo trip. Been in the works for a long time and super excited to get out there and chase some waves. I'll be out in West Sumatra living on a boat. Going out with 7 friends and cannot wait. Outside of an amazing opportunity, i'll be gathering a lot of inspiration for an upcoming drop I've been putting together the past few months that will be based on this trip. Looking forward to bringing these ideas to fruition when I'm back!
All softgood orders that come in while I'm out of the studio will processed by the team. The orders will be on our normal schedule and you'll receive shipping info when orders go out. 
If you purchase a print or framed print, these items will be on pause until I return. Prints are a different department that I manage. All orders will be on schedule once I return.
I'm on vacation from May 17th-June 1st.
New Mural
Last week I flew up to Portland, near my home town in Lake Oswego for a private commission. This was so fun! I haven't done many projects like this and was a blast creating. The couple has been building their new home (an amazing Japanese style home) and reached out to me last year to paint a mural for their downstairs gym. We went back and forth on sketches, and finally found time to fly home to paint. The final painting was 20'x7'ft. Such a fun scale and up close all you want to do is go jump in the water to swim. Love this type of work and hope to get more murals in the future as large scale is incredibly fun
New Paintings
I had a few commissioned paintings recently as well that were a lot of fun! Working closely with a collector to create together pushes me both creatively and a great challenge. The results are always better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much!
When I return from vacation, I have a few week break, then I head to Brazil for an art residency. An incredible collector of mine is hosting a residency with 15 other artists to create for a week. We'll be painting day and night for 7 days in Rio! I can't wait to learn from others, while creating my own work. It's going to be intense and looking forward to what we all produce. At the end we'll have a show in Brazil, then end of July, they are shipping all our work to NYC for a show in SoHo. Huge opportunity and blown away I am part of this heavy cast of artists.
If you'd like to become a patron for this event, reach out to madam_selkie
With all these projects, I'm low on bandwidth but rest assure, these paintings will make it into the shop as available prints. Be on the lookout for those to be updated soon. So many fun things happening I can't wait to offer more merchandise for you all. 
Thank you all and looking forward to sharing photos, videos, and a new collection from this trip. You all rule so much

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