Alimo joins Fillin Global contemporary artist agency

Posted by sean kesterson on

Excited to announce Alimo will be joining Fillin Global!!!

Fillin Global is an award winning contemporary artist agency with a multifaceted roster of talent. The agency, based in New York and Los Angeles, was founded in 2015 by Thomas Feinstein and Jackie Collins and provides each artist with exceptional management, development and opportunities.

I've always looked up to artists that have a small team to help them grow, and ultimately give them space to create. I've been a one man team my whole career and juggling projects, reaching out to clients, legal, contracts, biz, you name it, it's been me. Most days, those take up all my time and only get about 10% time to create. It's wild.

I've always wanted representation for that support but I've never reached out to folks as I've wanted it to be organic and a natural fit. When i met with Fillin Global, we clicked right away. Similar ethos, humor, outdoor mentality. It was great. I thought I was going there for a meet and greet, but deep diving into the convo, they offered me a one-year contract on the spot to help with my commercial career. I was shocked. They were like, "we wouldn't have set up this meeting if we didn't want to sign you". Literally blown away.

Over the weeks I've been talking to peers, fellow artists, and biz folks to get advice on representation. The result was a green light.

I'm excited to announce Fillin Global will now be representing Alimo for commercial work. They'll help pitch me to large brands for my style, murals, and bigger projects that I don't have access to. Along with repping, they will handle legal, contracts, etc. It's monumental for me and couldn't be more thrilled.

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