NFT Digital Art by Alimo

A catalog to view and purchase NFT's by Alimo. While I try to keep up with my projects, some slip by. Here is my full catalog on Google sheets.

Full NFT catalog

summer time - Nifty gateway

This collection will open on May 25th first exclusively for Alimo's existing NG collectors for 5 minutes at 6:25 pm ET and then the public at 6:30 pm ET. It features four new works by Alimo, two unmarked Open Editions and two unmarked Blind Editions.

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Pillows - 1/1 physical + digital NFT

1/1 physical + digital NFT
30 x 40" in | 3200 x 4000 px
Winner receives both pieces

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Nifty Gateway

The genesis Nifty Gateway drop by Alimo presented by Bryan Brinkman. This story is about a location in Central America where you go to find solitude, but met with new friends along the way.

Limited edition prints along with 1/1 physical + digital.

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nft - opening day genesis

Relive your favorite beach day with a fun surf painting by Alimo. I had so much fun drawing this up. I always love going to the beach and watching everyone come together to enjoy the ocean. Everyone is doing something wildly different, yet all in sync soaking up the sun. This chaotic illustration is my hope to showcase all the fun at the beach and all the fun, unique activities in-between.

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Snow - genesis collection

24 NFTs that resembles a roll of film. This story follows a group of friends on a snowboarding trip into the backcountry and all the fun in between.

10% of primary sales will go to,000 trees have been planted from this project!

Collectors receive 50% off ecommerce.

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NFT - digital membership

Each sketch is a one-of-a-kind original and your membership ticket to Join us with this fun new digital pass and enjoy awesome perks and discounts!

Collectors receive 20% off ecommerce.

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CrytpoClimates x Alimo

There will be 2 auctions available, both starting at .7 ETH on Dec. 14th. For each auction, the winner will receive both the physical painting (24x24" in. canvas) by Alimo + NFC chip, along with the animated digital NFT linking classical with digital art. It's gonna be awesome.

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An edition of 10 of the original painting that was used on the packaging for the 'Alimo Sessions Blend'. This was a collaboration with Visitor Coffee Roasters down in San Diego, CA! 💚 Designed and fully curated to fit into my artists brain and fellow creatives like yourself who wants to create and be playful all day. Buy the coffee today here.

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An NFT stands for "non-fungible token" It is called this because it is verifiably unique and its value is not fungible, or cannot be traded for another token of equal value, therefore it is one-of-a-kind. This type of token is made possible through blockchain technology that ensures fraudulent claims for or against this authenticity are statistically impossible.

Great question. For me, it’s to achieve more creative freedom and to realize my potential. I want to explore new forms of art (both digital and physical), collaborate with more artists, brand partnerships, and web3 projects. I love the idea of bridging tangible and digital worlds together. Think: we can build a digital art gallery where we can all hang with each other worldwide, while also having a real-life show for folks who are in town. That part gets me so jazzed.

It was confusing for me at first too. In a nutshell, it’s a way for artists to be empowered and a way to finally get value where it’s due. It also surfaces transparency for both artist and buyer.I’ll share a few examples of why:

Art gallery market.In the past, when artists work with galleries, the gallery always takes 50% of the sale. Which in a way can be reasonable (they market, bring in buyers, etc) but it’s a huge take on the sale nonetheless. On top of that, if I sell a painting for say $1,000 and then the buyer sells that same painting for say $20k, the artist never profits from that value created.NFT solves this. You can set royalties for your work for its entire life. Most artists set a royalty between 5-10%. This way, they can earn cash for their work > helping them with their career.

Transparency. Within the current model, you never see who’s has ever owned your painting after that first sale. With blockchain, there is 100% transparency. You can track where the painting is, who owns it, and see where the money is going, etc. That is so cool for any artist.

Hoarding. Folks like myself collect prints. In fact, I have prints in a drawer right now with no frame and no foreseen future on when they will be hung. That’s okay. By holding an NFT, you can hold as many prints, objects, tickets, you name it in this digital space. Cool thing is, you can look at it anytime you want and once the metaverse is built out, you can have those in a space to view, share, and use anytime you want.We are consumers at heart and feel the need to buy. By fueling this digital economy, we can give Earth a break to repair herself. Think: less production to be made in the real world (clothing, random gifts for holidays, you name it). Give that gift in the digital world for Earth.

Giving back. Within each NFT, you can build a contract where a percentage of the sales can be split to other folks like our partners By selling one NFT painting, its impact can be huge. Instead of planting one tree per item sold, we could contribute 5-10% of the NFT sale plant trees. So if one painting sells for thousands of dollars, that impact gets funneled over to plant a huge amount of trees! How cool is that?

Exposure. This is the era where artists finally get recognized. Businesses continue to take advantage of artists by offering them exposure with no payment in return. It’s a terrible model and web3 / NFT solves this. Give the artist their value b/c they put in the same amount and time as a normal job who gets a salary. Let's equalize the market.

Yes, right now blockchain is heavy on energy consumption but not for long. The blockchain Ethereum (currency to buy the NFT) is coming out with a new version called ETH2 in early 2022. ETH2 will have significant upgrades to the protocol this year, moving from proof of work to proof of stake model. This upgrade will reduce Ethereum's energy consumption by an estimated 99.95%. Unreal upgrade! Plus miners using solar panels will turn this package into quite an eco-friendly model.

Participants who choose to mint will be directed to the marketplace that is selling this. Upon purchasing, you must connect your wallet (such as a MetaMask) to purchase.

I started the discord to create a space for folks that enjoy my art, share values, connect with new friends, get inspired, learn about the sustainability part of the blockchain, and of course, have the most fun both online and out in the world. Yes, please go surf, not just the internet, but outside ;)Lastly, I want a place where I can share updates on upcoming projects, future drops, and offer unique things just for this community. I realized DM on Instagram is very close-minded and wanted to open up full transparency with everyone. That way we can share together. 

Have any questions on the NFT project? Shoot us a question, we're happy to answer any questions.