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artist bio/cv

Hey friends, it's me Alimo. Thanks for stopping by :)

About Alimo

Alimo, born in 1985 in Portland, Oregon, is a prominent contemporary fine art painter and digital NFT artist currently based in both Brooklyn, NYC, and Portland, Oregon. He has garnered recognition for his exceptional artistic discipline, working across various media, including acrylic painting on canvas, digital art, NFTs, murals, daily watercolor paintings, sketches based on location, and illustration. Alimo is best known for his captivating curvy post-pop imagery, distinguished by its highly saturated colors, vibrant hand-drawn letters, and the creation of imaginative worlds populated by figures arranged on flat tonal surfaces. His unique blend of drawing and design, combined with his exploration of art and technology, draws inspiration from natural landscapes, particularly the ocean and mountains, and focuses on the curiosity of individuals interacting with their everyday lives.

At the core of Alimo's artistic expression lies a seamless integration of drawing and design, a distinctive characteristic that sets his work apart. By bridging the realms of traditional art and modern technology, Alimo creates thought-provoking pieces that resonate with contemporary audiences. His subject matter revolves around the complexities of human existence and the interplay between chaos and tranquility within urban landscapes, particularly those of New York City. In his notable project, "Solitude Safari" (2023), Alimo invites viewers to contemplate life in the bustling metropolis, offering a captivating glimpse into the coexistence of chaos and serenity. This series comprises ten large-scale paintings, each paired with an NFT of the corresponding artwork, showcasing Alimo's proficiency in navigating the digital art landscape. Through his explorations of line-work and vibrant colors, Alimo aims to evoke introspection and a deeper appreciation for the interactions that shape our daily experiences.

Alimo's artistic journey has been marked by several noteworthy exhibitions and participations, cementing his place in the art world. His works have been showcased at prestigious venues such as the Ilegal Mezal Gallery in New York, the ABV Gallery in Atlanta, and the Spoke Arts in San Francisco, all situated within the United States of America. Additionally, Alimo's impact extends to the digital art realm, with presentations at prominent platforms like Nifty Gateway and NFT NYC in New York, the United States of America. These exhibitions have garnered critical acclaim for his innovative fusion of traditional and digital art practices. Furthermore, Alimo's art has found a place in esteemed collections, affirming his significant contribution to contemporary art. With his boundless creativity and continuous exploration of new artistic horizons, Alimo remains an influential force, enriching the art world with his captivating and thought-provoking creations.

Digital/IRL Gallery Appearances

The Canal Street Art Show @ Subjective Gallery - April 2023

NFTNYC @ Time Square - April 2023

Unfold Gallery @ NYC - April 2023

Traditional Art Gallery Appearances

Solo Show - 'Solitude Safari' presented by Ilegal Mezcal, Greenpoint, NYC - 2023

Spoke Art 'Anime' @ San Francisco, CA - 2022

Art Camp @ Jacksonville, FL - 2022

ABV Gallery 'Spring Show' @ Atlanta, GA - 2022

ABV Gallery 'A Better View' @ Atlanta, GA - 2022

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