Sneak peak

Alimo NFT will empower the artist and future projects for you to participate in. It’s not just an image you can screenshot, it’s a gateway to a world where we join a club together, where if you had this Willy Wonder ticket, you would have access to exclusive merchandise and artwork drops, along with access to Alimo virtual and physical events. The world truly is endless.

The idea is to drop a few pieces first, then put those funds towards the next project to get all of you to participate together on.

An NFT stands for "non-fungible token" It is called this because it is verifiably unique and its value is not fungible, or cannot be traded for another token of equal value, therefore it is one-of-a-kind. This type of token is made possible through blockchain technology that ensures fraudulent claims for or against this authenticity are statistically impossible.

TBD on pricing

Participants who choose to mint directly from the minting page will receive their NFT in the wallet they connect. Those who choose to have Alimo mint for me, will need to supply an eligible Ethereum wallet address, to which, the NFT will be sent. If you do not have a wallet, we will have a tutorial to walk you through how to get a wallet.